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US Amateur Radio - General (Element 3, 2015-2019) Practice Test

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1. - G1A02

On which of the following bands is phone operation prohibited?

A160 meters
B12 meters
C17 meters
D30 meters

2. - G1B02

With which of the following conditions must beacon stations comply?

AThe frequency must be coordinated with the National Beacon Organization
BThere must be no more than one beacon signal transmitting in the same band from the same station location
CThe frequency must be posted on the Internet or published in a national periodical
DA beacon station may not use automatic control

3. - G1C03

What is the maximum bandwidth permitted by FCC rules for Amateur Radio stations transmitting on USB frequencies in the 60-meter band?

A2.8 kHz
B1.8 kHz
C3 kHz
D5.6 kHz

4. - G1D05

Which of the following must a person have before they can be an administering VE for a Technician Class license examination?

APossession of a properly obtained telegraphy license
BReceipt of a CSCE for General Class
CNotification to the FCC that you want to give an examination
DAn FCC General Class or higher license and VEC accreditation

5. - G1E05

What types of messages for a third party in another country may be transmitted by an amateur station?

AAny messages, as long as the text of the message is recorded in the station log
BOnly messages for other licensed amateurs
CAny message, as long as the amateur operator is not paid
DOnly messages relating to Amateur Radio or remarks of a personal character, or messages relating to emergencies or disaster relief

6. - G2A01

Which sideband is most commonly used for voice communications on frequencies of 14 MHz or higher?

ADouble sideband
BUpper sideband
CVestigial sideband
DLower sideband

7. - G2B02

What is the first thing you should do if you are communicating with another amateur station and hear a station in distress break in?

AAcknowledge the station in distress and determine what assistance may be needed
BImmediately cease all transmissions
CChange to a different frequency
DContinue your communication because you were on the frequency first

8. - G2C05

What is the best speed to use when answering a CQ in Morse code?

AThe fastest speed at which you are comfortable copying
BThe speed at which the CQ was sent
CAt the standard calling speed of 5 wpm
DA slow speed until contact is established

9. - G2D03

What skills learned during hidden transmitter hunts are of help to the Amateur Auxiliary?

ADirection finding used to locate stations violating FCC Rules
BIdentification of out of band operation
CIdentification of different call signs
DHunters have an opportunity to transmit on non-amateur frequencies

10. - G2E07

What segment of the 80-meter band is most commonly used for digital transmissions?

A3500 - 3525 kHz
B3570 - 3600 kHz
C3700 - 3750 kHz
D3775 - 3825 kHz

11. - G3A05

What is the solar flux index?

AA measure of the highest frequency that is useful for ionospheric propagation between two points on the Earth
BA measure of solar radiation at 10.7 centimeters wavelength
CA count of sunspots which is adjusted for solar emissions
DAnother name for the American sunspot number

12. - G3B05

What usually happens to radio waves with frequencies below the MUF and above the LUF when they are sent into the ionosphere?

AThey are bent back to the Earth
BThey are amplified by interaction with the ionosphere
CThey are bent and trapped in the ionosphere to circle the Earth
DThey pass through the ionosphere

13. - G3C03

Why is the F2 region mainly responsible for the longest distance radio wave propagation?

ABecause it does not absorb radio waves as much as other ionospheric regions
BBecause it is the densest ionospheric layer
CAll of these choices are correct
DBecause it is the highest ionospheric region

14. - G4A10

What is the purpose of an electronic keyer?

AComputer interface for PSK and RTTY operation
BAutomatic transmit/receive switching
CVOX operation
DAutomatic generation of strings of dots and dashes for CW operation

15. - G4B11

Which of the following must be connected to an antenna analyzer when it is being used for SWR measurements?

BAntenna and feed line
CAll of these choices are correct

16. - G4C06

What effect can be caused by a resonant ground connection?

ACorrosion of the ground rod
BOverheating of ground straps
CHigh RF voltages on the enclosures of station equipment
DA ground loop

17. - G4D08

What frequency range is occupied by a 3 kHz LSB signal when the displayed carrier frequency is set to 7.178 MHz?

A7.1765 to 7.1795 MHz
B7.178 to 7.184 MHz
C7.175 to 7.178 MHz
D7.178 to 7.181 MHz

18. - G4E03

Which of the following direct, fused power connections would be the best for a 100 watt HF mobile installation?

ATo the battery using heavy gauge wire
BTo the alternator or generator using resistor wire
CTo the alternator or generator using heavy gauge wire
DTo the battery using resistor wire

19. - G5A03

Which of the following causes opposition to the flow of alternating current in an inductor?


20. - G5B04

How many watts of electrical power are used by a 12 VDC light bulb that draws 0.2 amperes?

A24 watts
B6 watts
C2.4 watts
D60 watts

21. - G5C05

If three equal value resistors in series produce 450 ohms, what is the value of each resistor?

A1500 ohms
B90 ohms
C150 ohms
D175 ohms

22. - G6A10

Which element of a triode vacuum tube is used to regulate the flow of electrons between cathode and plate?

BTrigger electrode
CControl grid
DScreen Grid

23. - G6B17

What is the general description of a DIN type connector?

AA DC power connector rated for currents between 30 and 50 amperes
BA special watertight connector for use in marine applications
CA family of multiple circuit connectors suitable for audio and control signals
DA special connector for microwave interfacing

24. - G7A13

Which symbol in Figure G7-1 represents a tapped inductor?

ASymbol 1
BSymbol 6
CSymbol 7
DSymbol 11

25. - G7B13

What is the reason for neutralizing the final amplifier stage of a transmitter?

ATo eliminate self-oscillations
BTo keep the carrier on frequency
CTo limit the modulation index
DTo cut off the final amplifier during standby periods

26. - G7C09

Which of the following is needed for a Digital Signal Processor IF filter?

AA digital to analog converter
BA digital processor chip
CAll of the these choices are correct
DAn analog to digital converter

27. - G8A04

What emission is produced by a reactance modulator connected to a transmitter RF amplifier stage?

AAmplitude modulation
BPulse modulation
CPhase modulation
DMultiplex modulation

28. - G8B08

Why is it important to know the duty cycle of the mode you are using when transmitting?

ASome modes have high duty cycles which could exceed the transmitter's average power rating.
BAll of these choices are correct
CTo allow time for the other station to break in during a transmission
DTo aid in tuning your transmitter

29. - G8C08

Which of the following statements is true about PSK31?

AUpper case letters make the signal stronger
BHigher power is needed as compared to RTTY for similar error rates
CUpper case letters use longer Varicode signals and thus slow down transmission
DVaricode Error Correction is used to ensure accurate message reception

30. - G9A13

What standing wave ratio will result when connecting a 50 ohm feed line to an antenna that has a purely resistive 300 ohm feed point impedance?

CYou cannot determine SWR from impedance values

31. - G9B06

Where should the radial wires of a ground-mounted vertical antenna system be placed?

AAt the center of the antenna
BParallel to the antenna element
CAs high as possible above the ground
DOn the surface of the Earth or buried a few inches below the ground

32. - G9C19

How does antenna gain stated in dBi compare to gain stated in dBd for the same antenna?

AdBi gain figures are the reciprocal of dBd gain figures + 2.15 dB
BdBi gain figures are 2.15 dB lower then dBd gain figures
CdBi gain figures are the same as the square root of dBd gain figures multiplied by 2.15
DdBi gain figures are 2.15 dB higher than dBd gain figures

33. - G9D09

Which of the following is an application for a Beverage antenna?

ADirectional transmitting for low HF bands
BDirectional receiving for low HF bands
CPortable direction finding at higher HF frequencies
DPortable direction finding at lower HF frequencies

34. - G0A05

What must you do if an evaluation of your station shows RF energy radiated from your station exceeds permissible limits?

ASecure written permission from your neighbors to operate above the controlled MPE limits
BFile an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS-97) with the FCC
CAll of these choices are correct
DTake action to prevent human exposure to the excessive RF fields

35. - G0B02

What is the minimum wire size that may be safely used for a circuit that draws up to 20 amperes of continuous current?

AAWG number 8
BAWG number 20
CAWG number 12
DAWG number 16