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US Amateur Radio - Technician (Element 2, 2014-2018) Practice Test

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1. - T1A07

What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telemetry?

AA one-way transmission to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a device at a distance
BAn information bulletin from a VEC
CA one-way transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument
DAn information bulletin issued by the FCC

2. - T1B05

Which 70 cm frequency is authorized to a Technician Class license holder operating in ITU Region 2?

A222.520 MHz
B53.350 MHz
C146.520 MHz
D443.350 MHz

3. - T1C13

For which licenses classes are new licenses currently available from the FCC?

ATechnician, Technician Plus, General, Advanced
BNovice, Technician Plus, General, Advanced
CTechnician, General, Amateur Extra
DNovice, Technician, General, Advanced

4. - T1D02

On which of the following occasions may an FCC-licensed amateur station exchange messages with a U.S. military station?

ADuring a Memorial Day Celebration
BDuring an Armed Forces Day Communications Test
CDuring an Independence Day celebration
DDuring a propagation test

5. - T1E01

When is an amateur station permitted to transmit without a control operator?

BWhen using automatic control, such as in the case of a repeater
CWhen the transmitting station is an auxiliary station
DWhen the station licensee is away and another licensed amateur is using the station

6. - T1F13

When must the station licensee make the station and its records available for FCC inspection?

AAt any time ten days after notification by the FCC of such an inspection
BAt any time upon request by an FCC representative
COnly after failing to comply with an FCC notice of violation
DOnly when presented with a valid warrant by an FCC official or government agent

7. - T2A08

What is the meaning of the procedural signal CQ?

AA new antenna is being tested (no station should answer)
BCalling any station
COnly the called station should transmit
DCall on the quarter hour

8. - T2B12

Under what circumstances should you consider communicating via simplex rather than a repeater?

AOnly when third party traffic is not being passed
BWhen the stations can communicate directly without using a repeater
COnly if you have simplex modulation capability
DOnly when you have an endorsement for simplex operation on your license

9. - T2C10

What is the preamble in a formal traffic message?

AThe first paragraph of the message text
BThe priority handling indicator for the message
CThe information needed to track the message as it passes through the amateur radio traffic handling system
DThe message number

10. - T3A09

Which of the following results from the fact that skip signals refracted from the ionosphere are elliptically polarized?

ABoth the transmitting and receiving antennas must be of the same polarization
BFM voice is unusable
CEither vertically or horizontally polarized antennas may be used for transmission or reception
DDigital modes are unusable

11. - T3B07

What property of radio waves is often used to identify the different frequency bands?

AThe approximate wavelength
BThe voltage standing wave ratio of waves
CThe magnetic intensity of waves
DThe time it takes for waves to travel one mile

12. - T3C11

Why do VHF and UHF radio signals usually travel somewhat farther than the visual line of sight distance between two stations?

ARadio waves are not blocked by dust particles
BThe Earth seems less curved to radio waves than to light
CRadio signals move somewhat faster than the speed of light
DRadio waves are blocked by dust particles

13. - T4A04

Where must a filter be installed to reduce harmonic emissions from your station?

ABetween the receiver and the transmitter
BAt the station power supply
CBetween the transmitter and the antenna
DAt the microphone

14. - T4B07

What does the term RIT mean?

AReceiver Incremental Tuning
BRectifier Inverter Test
CRemote Input Transmitter
DReceiver Input Tone

15. - T5A01

Electrical current is measured in which of the following units?


16. - T5B07

If a frequency readout calibrated in megahertz shows a reading of 3.525 MHz, what would it show if it were calibrated in kilohertz?

A0.003525 kHz
B3525 kHz
C3,525,000 kHz
D35.25 kHz

17. - T5C10

How much power is being used in a circuit when the applied voltage is 12 volts DC and the current is 2.5 amperes?

A0.208 watts
B14.5 watts
C30 watts
D4.8 watts

18. - T5D11

What is the voltage across a 10-ohm resistor if a current of 1 ampere flows through it?

A10 volts
B9 volts
C11 volts
D1 volt

19. - T6A09

What electrical component is used to protect other circuit components from current overloads?

BAll of these choices are correct

20. - T6B06

How is the cathode lead of a semiconductor diode usually identified?

AWith a stripe
BWith the letter C
CAll of these choices are correct
DWith the word cathode

21. - T6C13

Which of the following is accurately represented in electrical circuit schematic diagrams?

AWire lengths
BPhysical appearance of components
CAll of these choices are correct
DThe way components are interconnected

22. - T6D01

Which of the following devices or circuits changes an alternating current into a varying direct current signal?


23. - T7A10

What device increases the low-power output from a handheld transceiver?

AAn impedance network
BA voltage divider
CAll of these choices are correct
DAn RF power amplifier

24. - T7B02

What would cause a broadcast AM or FM radio to receive an amateur radio transmission unintentionally?

AThe deviation of an FM transmitter is set too low
BThe receiver is unable to reject strong signals outside the AM or FM band
CThe microphone gain of the transmitter is turned up too high
DThe audio amplifier of the transmitter is overloaded

25. - T7C11

What is a disadvantage of air core coaxial cable when compared to foam or solid dielectric types?

AIt cannot be used for VHF or UHF antennas
BIt requires special techniques to prevent water absorption
CIt has more loss per foot
DIt cannot be used at below freezing temperatures

26. - T7D12

Which of the following precautions should be taken when measuring high voltages with a voltmeter?

AEnsure that the voltmeter has very low impedance
BEnsure that the circuit is grounded through the voltmeter
CEnsure that the voltmeter and leads are rated for use at the voltages to be measured
DEnsure that the voltmeter is set to the correct frequency

27. - T8A11

What is the approximate maximum bandwidth required to transmit a CW signal?

A15 kHz
B2.4 kHz
C150 Hz
D1000 Hz

28. - T8B11

What is a commonly used method of sending signals to and from a digital satellite?

CFM Packet

29. - T8C04

Which of the following is good procedure when contacting another station in a radio contest?

AWork the station twice to be sure that you are in his log
BAll of these choices are correct
CBe sure to sign only the last two letters of your call if there is a pileup calling the station
DSend only the minimum information needed for proper identification and the contest exchange

30. - T8D02

What does the term APRS mean?

AAdvanced Polar Radio System
BAssociated Public Radio Station
CAutomatic Packet Reporting System
DAuto Planning Radio Set-up

31. - T9A13

Why are VHF or UHF mobile antennas often mounted in the center of the vehicle roof?

AOnly roof mounting can guarantee a vertically polarized signal
BRoof mounts have the lowest possible SWR of any mounting configuration
CRoof mounted antennas are always the easiest to install
DA roof mounted antenna normally provides the most uniform radiation pattern

32. - T9B02

What is the impedance of the most commonly used coaxial cable in typical amateur radio installations?

A50 ohms
B12 ohms
C8 ohms
D600 ohms

33. - T0A10

What can happen if a lead-acid storage battery is charged or discharged too quickly?

AThe battery could overheat and give off flammable gas or explode
BThe memory effect will reduce the capacity of the battery
CAll of these choices are correct
DThe voltage can become reversed

34. - T0B09

Why should you avoid attaching an antenna to a utility pole?

AThe utility company will charge you an extra monthly fee
BAll of these choices are correct
CThe antenna will not work properly because of induced voltages
DThe antenna could contact high-voltage power wires

35. - T0C10

Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels?

AIt affects the peak exposure of people to radiation
BIt takes into account the antenna feed line loss
CIt affects the average exposure of people to radiation
DIt takes into account the thermal effects of the final amplifier